I started my new venture at the summer solstice and now the autumnal equinox is days away. It seems like everyone is moaning the end of summer, but I have always loved late summer and fall. June is too bright and busy; July is too hot and busy. But then comes August, lovely August. The garden is full of vegetables, the bugs are mostly gone, the afternoons are long and lazy and light-filled.

Light through the pines on a lazy August afternoon. 

Light through the pines on a lazy August afternoon. 

And as much as I love August, I love September and October even more. The air is cleaner and cooler, and somehow the snap in the air brings a snap to my mind as well. New school year, new beginnings. (OK, OK, I have a fall birthday as well, but that's beside the point!)

This will be the first fall in 25 years that I'm not "going back to school." I can't help but think of my former colleagues and all the returning students. I will miss them, but I have my own "new year" to think about.

It's going to be a great one.