Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Part time since 1990. Full time starting in the lucky year of 2013!

Storm clouds over Rangeley Lake, Maine. 

Storm clouds over Rangeley Lake, Maine. 

Q: What's with the name? 

My mother and aunt grew up in Maine on the Lewiston/Greene town line. There was a gully behind the house that their father referred to as "Skunk Hollow." Seemed like a good name to me.

Q: Isn't digital the way everything is going now? Why print?

A: This question could take several web sites to answer fully. Here's what I think. I love technology and digital media. There is some really cool stuff out there. (Heck, the technology that runs this site design is extremely cool.) You can do some things on the web that you can't do in print.

I also think that there is no substitute for ink on paper for many things. You can feel and smell paper. (You can even taste it if you want, although I don't recommend it.) You can keep it, share it, burn it. Print has warmth and personality. You can do some things in print that you can't on the web.

Ultimately, print and digital are great partners. I think they are both the way things are going.